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Karekare Beach – Maui’s Dolphin Habitat Clean Up

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We took an extra bag with us to Karekare on a beach walk (10 May 2014)- this is how much rubbish we found and this is probably one of the cleanest beaches in NZ! Not great for an area where Maui’s dolphins are known to swim by.

Take a bag with you each time you go to the beach- every piece of rubbish you pick up is quite possibly saving a marine animal of some kind (dolphins, whales, fish, turtles). Plastic often gets mistaken as jellyfish and some animals, such as baleen whales, simply cannot filter out the plastics. They get lodged in the animal’s intestines and cannot be digested. Many deceased¬†whales and turtles have been found to have¬†plastic clogged intestines when autopsied.



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