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The Hector’s Dolphin is the only known cetacean endemic to New Zealand, and it has one of the most restricted geographic distributions of any cetacean species globally (Dawson and Slooten 1988; Dawson 2002).

Maui Dolphins Sub-Species

The C. h. maui subspecies is restricted to the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand, mainly between Taranaki and Ninety Mile Beach (Baker et al. 2002; Russell, 1999;  Slooten et al., 2005; 2006). Historical sightings occurred off the east coast of the North Island (Russell, 1999) as well, suggesting either a much larger contiguous population once occurred or that a separate subpopulation has already become extinct.

Hector’s Dolphins Sub-Species order cialis online

The C. h. hectori subspecies occurs between Haast and Farewell Spit in the west, around Banks Peninsula in the east, and Te Waewae Bay and Porpoise Bay/Te Whanaga Aihe in the south. These three populations appear to be somewhat genetically isolated https://pharmaciegenerique.fr/cialis-soft-pour-homme/.