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We have been accepted as qualifying as a registered charity and are finalising the paperwork. We are planning to create a fund to support Hector’s dolphin conservation initiatives. We haven’t yet identified our specific funding target but we will be collecting funds from merchandise sales and donations to put towards this initiative. We are deliberating on what activities will have most impact and plan to focus on initiatives that will have maximum effect in protecting and conserving Hector’s dolphins. Please stay tuned and feel free to let us know if you have any ideas for worthy funding projects or would like to get involved in fundraising.

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    Waikato Times feature writer Tracey Cooper had an extraordinary encounter with four Maui Dolphins off the Waikato coast

    The day after Raglan hosted its Maui’s Dolphin Awareness Day on in March 2012 Tracey ran into four of them off the coast.

    Well, to be honest, they ran into him, with a couple of light thumps on the aluminium hull of my boat likely to have come from the powerful tail of a Maui’s dolphin https://turk-eczanesi.com/.

    Estimates put the total population of the critically endangered dolphin at just 55, so when four turned up in the bow wave of the boat about a kilometre offshore of Whale Bay makes it a pretty special moment.


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    The Department of Conservation has rescued three Hector’s dolphins which stranded themselves on a beach within the Christchurch Estuary.

    DOC received a call about the stranding at 11.15am this morning and arrived at the estuary half an hour later to find the three dolphins being tended to by half a dozen members of the public keeping them wet.

    DOC ranger Anita Spencer says it appears the dolphins became stranded in a pool close to shore as the tide went out.

    “The dolphins appeared to be in good heath accept for some minor cuts and abrasions caused by thrashing around on the sand,” Ms Spencer said.

    “Sightings in the estuary are extremely rare. I can’t remember ever hearing of one.”

    The endangered dolphins usually make their home in Akaroa Harbour on the other side of Banks Peninsula.

    With the high tide not due for several hours, DOC staff put the dolphins on the back of a truck before transporting them across the dunes at South Shore.

    All three were then placed in the water, supported by DOC staff, before being walked into deeper water as a group.

    They were then successfully released at 12.30pm this afternoon.

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    We took an extra bag with us to Karekare on a beach walk (10 May 2014)- this is how much rubbish we found and this is probably one of the cleanest beaches in NZ! Not great for an area where Maui’s dolphins are known to swim by.

    Take a bag with you each time you go to the beach- every piece of rubbish you pick up is quite possibly saving a marine animal of some kind (dolphins, whales, fish, turtles). Plastic often gets mistaken as jellyfish and some animals, such as baleen whales, simply cannot filter out the plastics. They get lodged in the animal’s intestines and cannot be digested. Many deceased whales and turtles have been found to have plastic clogged intestines when autopsied.

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    WWF is trying to save the last 55 Maui’s dolphins and needs as many New Zealanders as possible to help. Rugby stars Victor Vito, Brad Shields, Reggie Goodes are helping us get the word out!

    Report your sightings to 08004MAUIS or report online at wwf.org.nz. Find out where Maui’s have been sighted – follow us @WWF-New Zealand on Twitter and at Facebook.com/WWFNewZealand

    Massive thanks to Victor, Brad and Reggie for volunteering their time & talent to help us save the dolphins – and for the awesome skills of Glen Pukloski, Louise Hatton Photography and Stem Creative in producing the film & pics of the guys on wildlife watch.


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